Members and their Work

Some of the Art Works found in this site are for sale. 

Please contact the Webmaster  or the individual artist if you are interested in

purchasing any works of art.

Thank You !


Please click on the members names in red to view their art work.

   Allen Henriquez

   James Whitten

  Galvin P. Bisserup, Jr.

   Barbara Ortiz

   Jennifer Ivey

  Valerie M. Phillips

   Bernard James

  Deborah A. Corbin

  Grace Braitwaite

   Beverly Christopher

    Jose Gonzales

  Herschel Manier    

   Charles Winslow

    Kenneth Gittens

  James Brown

   Dan Bolling

    Kenneth Price

  James Counts 

   David G. Wilson

    Kenneth  Smith

Gina Samson


   Diane Davis

    Leslye W. Nicholson

Brent Bailer

   Doris Campbell

    Wilbur (Butch) Young

     Rhonda Fleshman

   Ed Bowser

    Maxine Townsend-Broderick

Rod Ivey

   Erica U. Mapp 

     Olita Wingate

     Rosa Hanna Scott

    Ernest Snell    

    Otto Neals

     Sandra Mills

  Ethel Washington    

     Pam Friday

     Sharon Bourke

  Fedrecia Hartley   

     Raymond Lee Wallace

     Clifton E. Jones

  Frank Shervington

     Regina Thomas

Raymond S. Robin